Quality Garage Door Parts

Repair your garage door with parts trusted to keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly, every time.


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Replacement parts for one-piece garage doors.


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Replacement torsion springs at a fraction of the repairman's price.


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Lasting, durable and affordable rollers for your sectional garage door.

Quality Garage Door Parts

Repair your garage door with parts trusted to keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly, every time.

High Quality Garage Door Parts to Keep Your Door Opening and Closing Smoothly

Premium Quality

We only sell the most durable hardware products for your garage door. We select the highest grade materials that will last longer than standard hardware. Be it thicker gauge metal, or reinforced bearing we make sure quality is our number one priority.

Variety of Products

Our product offerings concentrate on the most wearable items on your garage door. Be it Rollers, Cables, Springs, Hinges, or Bottom Seals, we have a wide variety of top quality products to choose from.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Dura-Lift Max product line has been tested in extreme conditions and cycles. Our premium 6200zz sealed roller to our 12G Hinges offer a lifetime warranty so you will never have to worry about your garage hardware again.

Made in the USA

All of our springs are made from US steel wire and coiled in the USA to ensure the most wearable product on your door is high quality USA steel.

What Our Customers Say

Really Good Quality Garage Sealed Rollers with 100,000 Door Cycles.

“They look like really good quality Sealed Rollers with 100,000 door cycles for twenty bucks. I Just installed them yesterday and they worked like a charm. Bring the noise 50% less which the other 50% is due to my garage opener being chain opener. These are far superior compare to my previous ones.”

Jim L.
Riverside County, CA
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

“This was quite a life saver. We have an old (1987) one piece wooden garage door. One of the side springs broke and I had called all of the garage door “specialists” in my town and they all told me the same thing, “These old springs are no longer available, you will have to replace the door, for about $1400 to $1600 dollars”……. every one of them liars just looking to sell me a new door………. for the cost of this spring and the shipping (which was more than the spring) we were able to fix this small problem for less than $100, and it was so simple, with no experience as a handyman, I installed it myself.”

John T.
Orlando, FL
Good Old Fashioned Quality.

“I’m impressed by the quality of this product. It’s big and heavy, and works great. The instructions were clear, and by following the steps, I was able to remove the old mechanism and install the new mechanism without removing the garage door. This system has multiple adjustments so you can really dial in the amount of assist that the springs provide.”

Trevor D.
St. Paul, MN
Great Torsion Spring

“They worked great and had everything I need to change out my current springs. It’s hard to find good products like these for an affordable price. I am recommending these to my friends and family for sure. Thank you!”

Jeff F.
Wichita, KS

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All products come with our iron clad, money back guarantee. If your garage door accessories suffer any manufacturers defect or any part fails we will either replace or repair it for 2 years completely free of charge.
Warranty does not cover damage to the product. Owner is responsible for any shipping charges.

Featured Garage Parts

e900 logo sized
E900™ Universal One-Piece Garage Door Hardware Kit

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The complete lift-system replacement for one piece garage doors (springs sold separately). Constructed with heavy duty steel, the E900 has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

• Specified for 6’10” – 7’4″ tall (up to 20 ft. wide) one-piece garage doors

• Compatible with manual or automatic doors

• Convenient all-in-one package

• Heavy-duty steel construction with 350 lb. maximum weight capacity

• Measuring tape and drill required for installation

MSRP: $149.99

Your Price: $144.99

Savings: $5.00

(Bulk Pricing Available)

DURA-LIFT™ 2-inch, 13-ball Garage Door Roller 10-Pack

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Ensure smooth and quiet operation of your garage door with Ultra-Quiet Dura-Lift rollers. With quick installation, these are the perfect DIY garage door project to reduce your garage opening and closing noise by up to 75%!

• QUIET OPERATION: smooth 13-ball bearing reduces rotational friction between roller and shaft

• EXTRA QUIET ROLLERS: ball bearing nylon roller wheels are much quieter than original equipment garage rollers

• EXTRA LUBRICATION: groove on roller to disperse grease over extended period

• STANDARD SHAFT SIZE: 4-5/8″ long shaft, 7/16″ thick shaft

• STANDARD WHEEL SIZE: 1/2″ shoulder, 1/2″ thickness, 1-13/16″ diameter

MSRP: $19.99

Your Price: $13.99

Savings: $6.00

(Bulk Pricing Available)

DURA-LIFT™ 6200z Garage Door Roller 10-Pack

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Don’t settle for rollers that break and often need to be replaced! The Ultra-Life™ 6200Z Bearing Rollers by DURA-LIFT™ are the best in the market and will maximize the lifespan of your garage door.

• EXTRA QUIET ROLLERS: ball bearing nylon roller wheels are much quieter than original equipment garage rollers

• MAXIMUM LIFETIME: specified at 100,000 + garage door open and close cycles, with 2 shields for max performance. We promise to replace any malfunctioning roller for a lifetime guarantee of the roller.

• ZERO MAINTENANCE: our sealed cap, 6200ZZ bearing keeps out dirt and grime while protecting the lubrication grease for a grand total of zero maintenance required.

• EXTRA QUIET: a caged 8-ball bearing combined with nylon wheels results in a 75% noise reduction compared to standard, non-bearing garage rollers.

• EXTRA LUBRICATION: groove on roller to disperse grease over and extended period of time.

• STANDARD SIZE: 1-13/16 in. Dia, 1/2 in. shoulder and 1/2 in. thick wheel. 4-5/8 in. long x 7/16 in. thick steel shaft.

MSRP: $24.99

Your Price: $19.99

Savings: $5.00

(Bulk Pricing Available)


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